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Intellectual Property

In today’s modern era and competitive marketplace, intellectual property management, advice, expertise and opinion, is a reality of doing business.  Our Intellectual Property lawyers will work with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your needs and protect your valuable assets.

We advise and represent clients involved in the development and commercialization of intellectual property, the procurement of technology, data or tools, as well as manufacturing and business process outsourcing. Our lawyers have experience in strategic intellectual property transactions and the financing of technology enterprises. We help emerging technology companies secure funding, establish strategic alliances, commercialize their products and services through technology licensing, and protect their intellectual property rights.

Many of our clients have developed proprietary technology in the Canadian energy sector and are commercializing it globally through the delivery of specialized products and services. We advise our clients on the structure and documentation for licensing, outsourcing, value added resale, original equipment manufacturing, distribution and other commercial arrangements.

Our Intellectual Property lawyers work with the rest of the Burstall LLP team to represent our clients in commercial disputes relating to technology and intellectual property. We obtain and maintain trademarks for many of our clients and are responsible for combating infringement.

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